PAMAfrica Infosheet

12 Jun 2020

Supporting a portfolio of three clinical studies, the MMV-led PAMAfrica consortium aims to develop new antimalarial medicines for the most at-risk populations, including newborns, patients with severe malaria and those with drug resistant infections.

Malaria remains a global and national priority. Since 2000, the malaria community has made huge gains in reducing the burden of this disease. However, since 2018, the decline in malaria incidence and mortality has slowed1 A child continues to die every 2 minutes from malaria and malaria-related deaths still exceed 400,000.2

PAMAfrica’s portfolio will draw on the scientific expertise of consortium partners to progress three different therapies through the research pipeline over the next 5 years.

The project is divided into four main work packages, each designed to address a specific unmet medical need, while a fifth work package will oversee programme coordination.

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