Video: PAMAfrica-SINDOFO joint capacity building symposium

07 Dec 2023

Drawing on their experience in capacity development, the PAMAfrica and SINDOFO consortia partnered to deliver a scientific symposium at this year’s EDCTP Forum. Entitled, ‘A paradigm shift towards local and gender-balanced leadership, promoting equitable partnerships and next-generation African leaders, PAMAfrica-SINDOFO case studies’ the symposium featured a group of speakers with first-hand experience in capacity building. 

Prof. Ghyslain Mombo-Ngoma, Head of Clinical Operations, CERMEL (Gabon) and Group Leader at BNITM (Germany) – who is leading trials for both consortia – used PAMAfrica and SINDOFO as examples of delivering innovative clinical trials; former EDCTP Executive Director Prof. Charles Mgone joined in a pre-recorded discussion to talk about the evolution of capacity building in the context of the EDCTP and share his vision for the future of research capacity in Africa; and PhD students Dr Dearie Okwu, CERMEL and Dr Jessica Dalsuco, CISM (Mozambique) discussed their experiences and reflections on career progression in clinical research, with a focus on addressing gender and opportunity challenges.  

Delivered to a packed room, the symposium offered a comprehensive overview of the evolution of capacity building through the EDCTP, the ways in which this evolution is continuing through EDCTP-funded consortia like PAMAfrica and SINDOFO, and the need to strive for more to encourage the shift towards gender-balanced leadership and equitable North-South research partnerships. The symposium was very well-received, with the audience particularly inspired by the young female scientists, leading to several insightful comments and discussions.  

Watch the full symposium below.